The fourth season of The attack of the giants Not only was it a big change in narrative terms, it was also on a large scale as entire nations were involved in the conflict. but also to that of animationshow the esteemed animators from WIT Studio handed over the baton to MAPPA.

Although they may not have the same fluidity as the episodes of the first three seasons (mainly due to the limited time allowed to MAPPA), However, the new episodes showed a significant change in tone and general aesthetics, now much darker and even more bloody. The new style has made many fans fall in love, and one in particular has tried to make a teaser of the anime's first season, using the extraordinary season four trailer as an example.

As you can see below, the user used the OST "Ashes on the Fire" created by Kohta Yamamoto and chosen several times to accompany the most epic scenes of the last season. The assembly is very reminiscent of MAPPAand the result is very impressive.

We are waiting to find out what other occasions we will hear this great title on, reminding you that VVVVID and Prime Video released episode 9 of The Attack of the Giants a few days ago and that episode 10 will be legal in Italy next Tuesday will arrive.

I made a trailer for ATTACK ON TITAN S01 like S04! by r / anime

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