After a delicate and introductory first episode, the series becomes Komi cannot communicate, one of the most anticipated implementations of the fall season, has reached the heart of the mission of having 100 friends by the end of high school in Part Two, which is now available on Netflix.

After a brief recap of what happened in the first episode, which you can find our review of here, the second episode of Komi Can't Communicate begins with the observation of Tadano's great popularity of the protagonist, an aspect that, in his opinion, makes the goal easier.

The boy then begins to decide who could bond with Komi. After several attempts, with terrible results, Tadano turns on Osana Nojimi, her childhood friend, unpredictable, with a strong personality and impressively empathic. Seized by Komi's tension, however, Osana replies that she cannot become her friend. When leaving the classroom, the girl reveals Tadano di Met Komi when they were in second grade, and even then, Komi was having trouble communicating. Because of this, they couldn't make friends, and for the same reason, Osana doesn't want to go out with her now.

Tadano insists and convinces Osana to speak to Komi. After class is over, Komi and Najimi go home together. Tadano follows them to help Komi, but suddenly joins the two of them Maa and Shii, two friends of Osana, from which one asks them to go out and receives a rejection, attacks them. Unexpectedly, Komi intervenes to return the fallen key to Maa, and a nice, misunderstood key is born. Instead of saying "Your key fell"who are the words of the protagonist"Your time has comeβ€œAnd Maa runs away, frightened.

Najimi acknowledges Komi's compassion and tells her that they have become friends. A first step that could prove to be very important for the protagonist, who is repeatedly pushed to communicate by her new friends, even just to order a simple milkshake. Have you seen the second episode? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Finally, we leave you to an enchanting Komi-san cosplay.

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