After only four chapters since returning from Black clover Author Yuki Tabata has introduced the new antagonist who will stand in the way of Asta and his Order of the Knights of Mages allies in the manga's latest story arc. The savior of the world seems to have a certain penchant for theatricality and wants to create twists and turns.

Lucius Zogratis he is now in total control of Julius Novachrono, the Magical Emperor, and has already begun creating the new humanity he intends to create. Appearing in front of Asta out of nowhere while the protagonist confesses his love to sister Lily, The villain turned the girl into the first paladingranting her wisdom, immortality, and extraordinary abilities linked to space magic to face the evil that plagues the world.

The arrival of Noelle, Nero and Mimosa doesn't seem to change things. In fact, Lily manages to block all of her attack attempts, and leaving them all amazed, Asta disappears into the void with tremendous ease. Shortly thereafter, the Captains of the Magic Knights also arrive Lily and Lucius dematerializeleft a void after the incredible upheaval on this day of celebration for Asta, who was promoted to Elder Magical Knight.

Finally, we leave you with the spoilers for Chapter 336 of Black Clover, out Sunday September 3rd on MangaPlus.

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