Trigun Stampede It turns out to be a very interesting production, capable of surprising the old fans of the universe created by Yasuhiro Nightow and at the same time bringing the adventure of the irreverent Vash to many viewers of the new generations, who also manages to pay homage to seminal works in some sequences like Dragon Ball.

In the seventh episode of the reboot anime, crafted by Orange Studio headed by Kenji Muto, enemies have appeared that those who remember the Namek saga of Akira Toriyama's work well enough will have immediately thought of the Ginyu team. This is because, as you can also see from the frame of the episode in question at the bottom of the page, at the time of its The five opponents enter the stage they have assumed the characteristic poses of the elite unit in the service of Emperor Frieza.

Although it is about petty criminals and for future developments of the plot extremely secondary, the reference to it Ginew, Jeeth, Butter, Rikoom and Guldo, has been highly praised by Dragon Ball fans. After all, Vegeta and some of the Z Warriors struggled to deal with the colorful members of the team, and it was only thanks to Goku's arrival on the planet that they were able to counter their powers, particularly in regards to Jeeth's unique abilities and Captain Ginyu.

Did you notice that cute reference to Dragon Ball in the seventh episode of Trigun? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below. Finally we leave you our first opinions on the anime Trigun Stampede.

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