The Mugiwara's adventure on Whole Cake Island, dominated by Empress Big Mom, was punctuated with funny moments like achieving Tankman form. This particular stage of the Gear Fourth only activates when Luffy swallows massive amounts of food, and he's finally gotten a nice collectible figure.

The Artists of TH studio They have indeed presented a new collectible figure by releasing the two promotional images present in the post below, where Luffy appears extremely angry in the form of Tankman. Surrounded by flames and the vapor created by the transformation, the Mugiwara's captain raises the wand with his crew's Jolly Roger as he prepares to eat more meat.

The character will launch between Q3 and Q4 of 2023, and it will available in two versions. The first more faithful design that appeared in both the manga and anime is sold at a price of 180 euros, while the Nika version, available for purchase for 190 eurospresents the typical Gear Fifth transformation colors that appeared in the finale of Wano's arc, white and purple, and Luffy holding the usual hunk of meat in his left hand while in his right hand has a bolt of lightning ready to be thrown will with each opponent.

What do you think of these figures dedicated to Luffy Tankman? Let us know in the comments. Before we say goodbye, let's let you rewind all the times Luffy used the Gear Fourth in the series and remember that the battle royals promised by Eiichiro Oda in the last saga begin.

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