Considering the impressive figures obtained by the video dedicated to the forging of Tanjiro Kamado's katana, the protagonist of the successful series Demon Hunter The content creators of the That Works YouTube channel have decided to invest again in the reproduction of some of the swords featured in the series: the sharp and precious Nichirin of Tengen Uzui.

For those who don't know this channel, It is working its main purpose is to show the main stages of the creative process behind forging weapons, armor, shields and other types of tools, which can be done both through the use of advanced methods and through beginners. Attempts are also made to recreate objects from the past to tell the story or the battles that made them importantsometimes the creators of the channel devote themselves to reproducing weapons that can be seen in TV series, anime and video games.

From Monster Hunter's gigantic axes to the medieval-style Mandalorian helmet, there are many videos dedicated to the world of entertainment and currently the most watched is straight on Tanjiro's katana with 16 million views. This time the interest has passed Nichirin used by the Pillar of Sound, Tengen Uzuia foundational character throughout the arc set in the red light district.

As indicated in the video at the top of the page, the shape of the Tengen blades, connected by a chain, resembles that of a Japanese kitchen knife. Alekseyev, one of the creators of the canal, recreated the blades using the San Mai forging method with iron from the 19th century, while for the tsuba, the protection of the blades, he used layered sepas and copper edges. The result is incredible, complete with gold engravings and other details that define these reproductions very true to the original designed by Koyoharu Gotoge.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Finally, we remind you that one of the producers of the anime has stated that in the third season of Demon Slayer there will be a significant jump in quality in terms of animations.

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