In November 2024 the Dragon Ball Manga turns 40 years old, but the celebrations for Akira Toriyama's legendary work have already begun. For each of the months that separate us from the anniversary, one of the manga covers will be reimagined by a Shueisha author.

The 42 covers of the Dragon Ball volumes are each reinterpreted by an illustrious magaka that has made headlines in recent years. After Masashi Kishimoto, Tite Kubo and numerous others, the time has come this time Posuka Demizu from The Promised Neverland celebrates Dragon Ball.

Also present was the author of The Promised Neverland, whose animated film adaptation caused a lot of discussion Dragon Ball Super Gallery Projectan initiative by Shueisha to pay tribute and honor to his most famous shonen manga.

Posuka redesigned the cover of Dragon Ball Volume 22 according to his own personal drawing line. The author has enriched and added more details to the bare cover of the volume, which depicts a Goku in a Hawaiian shirt standing next to a car with Krillin on board and Gohan nearby. The artwork now has a background, the planet Namek, and additional characters, two little Namek. Goku and Gohan are now in the vehicle.

We remind you that at the appointment of the Dragon Ball Super Gallery project in January 2023 Kentaro Yabuki was present, while at the previous appointment Hideaki Sorachi designed the cover of Dragon Ball No. 16.

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