As previously announced, the new Dragon Ball Super Manga saga begins on December 20th in the pages of V-Jump Magazine. The new story arc will feature Goten and Trunks in a prequel to the franchise's latest film Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes.

Waiting for the debut of the new saga, Buu Studio has created a character of the clash between Goku and Jiren in collaboration with UK Studiowhich you can see in @'s tweetMundo Kame at the end of this message. Goku, in his Ultra Instinct form, is carved into the act of punching Jiren's face, whose expression betrays some pain. The play of colors between the auras of the two warriors combined with the incredible detail of the figure makes the piece a real gem for collectors.

The clash between Son Goku and Jiren It is in 1:4 scale, for a total height of 58 cm. The price of the figure is 995€, and can be pre-ordered on the MundoKame website with an initial deposit of €300. The resin is created by Boo Studio and UK study it will then be delivered to buyers in the third quarter of 2022.

A beautiful tribute to Dragon Ball Super's most famous fight from two of the most popular studios among collectors. Who knows if in the new story arc of the series Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro They will bring us other high level battles, maybe with Goten and Trunks as protagonists.

We leave you the 10 strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super.

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