Aka Akasaka has won awards thanks to Kaguya-sama: Love is War, but the mangaka hasn't stopped at its - for now - flagship series. In fact, a fruitful collaboration with designer Yokoyari Mengomaking an Oshi no Ko that won the Next Manga Award last year.

Between awards, rising sales, and constant acclaim from Weekly Young Jump readers, Oshi no Ko deserved an anime. The adaptation has been announced for a few months now, but some information about the debut and other accessories are now arriving.

If the first picture focused on the stage where Ai is performing, now the new one Oshi no Ko key visual shows the girl in the foreground, with his brilliant eye and a power capable of overwhelming audiences. The first episode of Oshi no Ko will last 90 minutes, which is four times the length of a regular episode. Also, the voice actress of Ai, or Rie Takahashi, was announced. There will be a streaming broadcast on December 11th announcing the other cast and more information.

That Oshi no Ko is expected to debut in 2023, but not in the first few months. Will there be another success for Aka Akasaka?

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