Many anime debuted in April. In those months, 2022 embraced an anime that immediately sparked: Spy x Family's sympathy didn't last just three months, however. Actually the Project by Cloverworks and WIT Studio returned in October with the second part of the first season.

All three members of the Forger family have returned, from the telepathic little Anya to her father Loid, who is actually a secret spy who passed through her mother, Yor Forger. in the Spy x family perhaps the woman plays a subordinate role, particularly as far as her secret identity is concerned. In fact, Yor is a famous assassin calling herself the Princess of Thorns, and no one can outlive her to tell about her skills in battle.

His strength is obviously well known, since he is also conspicuous in everyday life, but the brutality that can be guessed at during the missions remained hidden. Mifan, a Hong Kong cosplayer, made a Cosplay of Yor Forger on a mission, with the thorn princess who has just carried out an assassination. She is indeed covered in blood, the needle is out, and her black soito dress is intact.

And what fate awaits the counterfeiters in Spy x Family 1x14?

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