The violent war that is currently My hero academia season 6 finally, he also questioned the students at UA High School, who were initially entrusted with a purely supportive role. But are the Yuei wannabe heroes able to take part in such a tough fight?

In the original plans of the Heroes the UA Academy students had only a supportive role to playor and maintaining security on the city streets while professionals stormed the Paranormal Liberation Front's bases of operations. Only a select few could take part in the first attack, but then fell back to the second line.

However, the awakening of Tomura Shigaraki and the call of Gigantomachy changed the ongoing plan, forcing the heroes to challenge the Class 1-A and Class 1-B students as well. The new one is dedicated to the two heroines of this final section Original sketch by Sensei Kohei Horikoshi.

Creatie's ingenious plan in My Hero Academia 6x08 was for the aspiring heroes of the two sections of the Yuei to work together with their quirks Stop the advance of the Gigantomachy. The operation proved a failure, however, and Machia continued on his wild ride.

Belonging to the bravest of Class 1-B Kinoko Komori and Setsuna Tokage. Known by the names of the heroes of Shemage and Lizardy, we see them embraced in the manga series author's artworks. We leave you the controversy about the animations of My Hero Academia 6.

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