For the production ofAdaptation of Chainsaw Man Studio MAPPA has decided to make it big by, among other things, writing different writers with a different ending for each of the episodes of this first season. Here is the seventh ending of the anime series!

The eighth episode of Chainsaw Man will debut in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll on November 29, 2022, and will introduce Denji and his companions to a new, dangerous threat. Although the episode's official release is still a few hours away, ending theme number eight has already been leaked online.

If the ending of Chainsaw Man 1x07 has a retro and colorful style with pure 90's style, the following one offers a completely different atmosphere. The eighth closing theme begins with a pack of cigarettes and with Himeno is busy smoking as usual. Later we also see Aki sharing a cigarette with her friend and then walking through a graveyard where a bouquet of flowers rests. Power, Kobeni, and Makima then show up at the end, but the main focus is on Himeno, Aki, and dem Bouquet of flowers to commemorate a deceased. Will one of the protagonists leave us during the episode?

Entitled with the meaningful name "First Death". Ending 8 of Chainsaw Man is by Toru Kitajimaknown for opening Tokyo Ghoul.

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