When you think of the best-selling manga of the past few years, you immediately think of ONE PIECE and Attack of the Giants, even if both were overtaken by the explosive success of demon slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, who conquered 2019 and 2020. But differently years on the podium or in the top 5 there is always another manga that is less known in the West: kingdom.

It was born out of the head of Yasuhisa Hara in 2006 and has appeared in Weekly Young Jump, Shueisha's magazine, for 14 years. Over time, he has seen many mangas like Gantz, Tokyo Ghoul, and other very famous manga finishes, but he never stopped. However, in recent years, despite the large number of quantities - over 50 - it has continued to sell and improve.

When is it Kingdom has become the king of his own and one of the best-selling manga in Japan? We can understand this thanks to a diagram by Josu_ke who collected all of the Oricon data from Volume 13 of Kingdom. At the beginning of the manga sold a few copies and only passed the 100,000 mark towards volume 24. A good result, but far from the current successes: it continued to grow and attracted the attention of many citizens. The very famous Ame Talk show in Japan marked a turning point Grow the manga even further towards the current 700,000 copies.

IS For at least 5 years, this kingdom has been confirmed as one of the ten best-selling manga of the year, even if its popularity is only Japanese as it does not enjoy a strong anime that can advance its story overseas as well. For the moment, Hara intends to hit at least volume 100 and, given the current trend, wouldn't overdo it to call it that his version of ONE PIECE in terms of popularity. It's no accident that it has also won awards for rivals like The Attack of the Giants and others better known in the West.

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