With the narrative sheet from Molo now over, the new year with a license plate Dragon Ball Super will immerse readers of the manga in a spectacular new story, the saga of the survivor Granolah. The first details of the plot and the new protagonists were analyzed on the basis of the fantastic promotional video that you can admire at the end of the news.

The video shared by Twitter user DBS Hype has one thing for fans Overview of the characters This will debut in the universe of Toriyama and Toyotaro and will provide some useful information on how they will come into contact with the Z Fighters.

In the video of the master Toriyama we can admire the planet Cereal, which is attacked by the Oozaru under the direct orders of Freeza. Only one child, Granolah, survived the terrible massacre. The space bounty hunter who works for the Heeter Army, a group of space bandits, is now seeking revenge for what happened to his race.

The film also focuses on Goku and Vegeta. When the former is looking perfect ultra instinct The prince of Saiyans trains with Whis and tries to match his rival by learning the techniques of the gods of destruction. Toyotaro described the creative process behind Dragon Ball Super's Granolah character. This is what Goten would look like as an adult in Dragon Ball Super.

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