The first season of Spy x family ended and the Forger family will go on standby until the second episode installment. Meanwhile, the first details about the advertising campaign of the television series with a budget of millions are emerging.

In any case, the fans have nothing to fear: the plans for the future of Spy x Family are long-term, which is why the investment in the saga also affects the advertising market. Ichiro IshikawaPresident of TV Tokyo Holding Corp who runs the television station of the same name, revealed that the eleventh episode received one Share of 4.8%the highest average in the history of station programming.

Ishikawa even said that the franchise had a record advertising budget, We’re talking about 100 million yen (approx. 710,000 euros) only for the promotional campaign in Shibuya. The popular neighborhood has in fact been enriched with many themed posters on the streets, from the subway to the buildings. A real buzzword that justifies the incredible investment that the production has reserved for Spy x Family, whose expectations are and remain very high.

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