The last chapter of Black clover featured the conclusion of one of the most intense and dynamic battles in the entire work created by Yuki Tabata, and while Asta and Liebe celebrate their victory, Chapter 291, now available on Manga Plus, mainly focused on a character's return against Dante from the dark Triad.

By title "A duel with a far inferior one"The final appointment to the series begins with the final defeat of the merger between Naamah and Lilith, high-ranking twin demons defeated by the power of the Devil Union Mode between Asta and Love before moving on Clash between Dante in his 100% form and Jack the Ripperwho appears to be in serious trouble against Lucifer's human host.

However, in order to support Jack, two characters much appreciated by the readers intervene, Magna and Zora, whose return was expected by their brief appearance during the clash between Asta and the merger of the two demons. Despite the fighters mostly underestimate their skills above all Dante who is very sure of himselfMagna decides to take matters into her own hands and challenges him. He admits that he can face it alone without the help of his partner.

Magna feels behind his friends and decides to use a new technique that surprises Dante. After being hit by a fireball, he is with a magic circle on his chest with a chain attached to it. There Secret Flame Magic: Soul Chain Death Match is to unite the totality of the combatants' magical power and then divide it evenly among them, creating a balanced challenge that begins with a devastating right hook of Magna.

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