The battle between the Misty Village ninja and the Funato clan pirates has taken a sudden turn. Both factions suffered severe injuries and saw key combatants fall. Everything will be decided over time next original episode of Boruto?

Boruto and his companions mourned the disappearance of a brother. Kagura fell bravely to Fuamushi Funato who caught him from behind and stabbed him. Despite his companions' attempts to heal it, the Mizukage's Shoulder died with honor.

The alliance between Fog and Leaf is experiencing an emotional breakdown, but Kagura has confided in them her hopes. Boruto, Buntan and the others have to Keep fighting in his memory. With this in mind, they all prepare for a countermove to avenge their fallen comrade.

On the other side of the battlefield, Araumi Funato is informed by his son Isari what happened to Tenma and Seiren. The first fell under the blows of Mizukage Chojuro, while the second was badly injured by Boruto. Also, even Funamushi was knocked out by Boruto's karma. That Leader of the pirate clan swears revenge. From now on he himself leads the war against the land of water.

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