The entire planet is facing an unprecedented threat as a pandemic has left several nations in trouble. Despite the fear and inconvenience caused by Covid-19, there has been no lack of encouraging messages to the population from all sectors. Indeed, recently the father of ONE PIECE To calm students down.

Being one of the most famous writers in the world also requires a certain amount of responsibility to all of the fans who are constantly following a project. Eiichiro OdaThe king par excellence in terms of the popularity of a mangaka has always shown that he is very attentive and sensitive to the problems and difficulties that affect his fans. That's why, Often he cannot pass on messages of support in relation to all those who are in a difficult time, even more so in relation to all those children who have been suffocated by the presence of a pandemic.

Recently the Sensei dedicated a message to the students of Kumamoto, his hometown, which reads as follows: "There is a word in this world called "game". Even if our time has to stand still, I am sure that sooner or later it will flow more intensely. Just read manga and take care of your future. You can do it! "

A simple yet succinct message that will easily suit any student around the world facing this difficult time. And you, what do you think of his words instead? Let us know with a comment below, but not before we clear the Chapter 988 spoilers from ONE PIECE.

Oda's heartwarming message to the students in his hometown of Kumamoto. (Translation by @sandman_AP) by r / OnePiece

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