Kaguya-sama was the anime of the season with its episodes that delighted viewers who could not enjoy many programs in the spring due to the coronavirus. The group of Shuchiin protagonists breathed life into comical, but also touching scenes, and at the forefront of these events is the protagonist Kaguya.

Kaguya Shinomiya, the youngest daughter of the Shinomiya family and one of the most influential people in Shuchiin, for both her social pedigree and her role as Vice President. She is a cynical girl who has no qualms about using tricks because of the environment she grew up in, which also makes her naive on certain subjects. The fans appreciated her for the way she did things but also for the development he has in the course of Kaguya-sama: love is war.

With the explosion in the anime's popularity, more and more cosplay about Kaguya and the other characters in the group are popping up online. Today we present the work of Neurahone, a girl who brought two photos on Instagram Kaguya Shinomiya Cosplay what you can see in the post below. Neurahone wears the classic black Shuchiin dress and appears in two poses that reflect two of Kaguya's attitudes, one more convincing and the other embarrassed. You want to see others Cosplay on the theme of Kaguya-sama?

Two states of Kaguya complacent and nervous. Cosplay by Neurahone from r / Kaguya_sama

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