In a job like My Hero Academia the influence of the never-ending American comic scene devoted to superheroes is evident. Writer Kohei Horikoshi has confirmed his passion for the stories published by Marvel and DC time and again, and a fan of the series has therefore decided to bring the universe of Deku closer to that of a famous superhero.

Given the debates on the web and in the fan communities, in addition to the box office success and anticipated critics of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it was almost inevitable that the fan's decision would fall precisely on Spidey. The likeable neighborhood superhero has been around for decades an icon of the genre, alongside the older Superman and Batman of competitor DC Comics and has received one more award in the fan art which can be found below.

The user @mikahyuni ​​actually imagined an alternative dimension in which Izuku Midoriya plays the role of Spider-Man. It is striking against the background of the illustration the Empire State Building, central place in many of Tessiragnatele's stories published in the 1960s while the costume was chosen for this significant amalgamation the first suit by Tony Stark for his protΓ©gΓ©. Let us know what you think of this crossover in the comments.

Finally, remember that the manga My Hero Academia was supposed to end within a year and we'll leave you to the cute Christmas sketch by Horikoshi to celebrate the holidays.

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