The mysterious and powerful Kashin Koji was hired by Jigen to salvage the ship that is essential to the success of the Kara Organization's mission. He again handed the task over to an outsider in the group. But why the antagonist of Boruto: Naruto Next Generatiosn not traded directly?

After the hijacking of the airship with the ship of the Kara organization, the leader of the criminal group Kashin Koji instructed that the coveted ship be recovered as soon as possible. However, instead of acting immediately and Go to the website in person From the crime in which the Konoha ninja had already appeared, the antagonist wasted time recruiting an outsider. What's behind this illogical plan?

To get the container, Koji hired Ao, Hero of the fourth great war ninja who turned out to be a traitor. In addition, the former ninja of the fog was ordered to eliminate everyone sent to investigate the scene of the accident, namely Konohamaru, Mugino and Team 7.

Although he's already dealt with one of them and has proven his loyalty to Kara, Ao could suffer the effects of Talk no Jutsu and Get back on the right track. In addition, Konohamaru and his young students should not underestimate Shinobi, a major threat to a ninja who is now almost retired and sustained serious injuries during the war.

Koji is expected to be one of the strongest members of the Kara organization. So why not take care of rivals yourself of the leaf village? The longer Koji tries to find the ship, the greater the chance that Konoha's ninja can find it. Kara's intern rates Ao as a reliable agent due to an infiltrator hiding among Kara's members, but this plan passes him off as completely incompetent.

In the meantime, the Kara organization may be hiding a second vessel in Boruto. Also, let's find out what made a war hero suddenly switch sides in Boruto.

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