The characters Milestone Media, a label created by a group of African American writers and illustrators, have been an integral part of the growth of American comics. Finally after months of rumors and teasers Dc comics officially announced the return of this narrative universe.

The US publisher recently announced that a massive one will appear soon Milestone comic wave, including some digital first mini-series that revolve around famous characters like Static, Icon & Rocket, and Hardware.

The return of the Milestone titles coincides with the arrival of Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition # 0, increased volume of the digital one-shot presented during the DC FanDome. This release will include 24 additional pages of all-new material and will debut digitally in February. You have to wait until May for the physical edition to be published.

""Since the FanDome panel, Reggie Hudlin, Denys Cowan and our editorial team have worked hard to bring this new milestone to life"Said Jim Lee, chief creative officer."I think fans both old and new will be happy with the results".

Return after milestone: Infinite Edition, It is static's turn, a digital miniseries launched in April. In these volumes of only twenty pages, Virgil will receive incredible electromagnetic powers; Will he be the hero Dakota needs?

Subsequently Icon & Rocket is coming, short comics that tell a new story about Augustus Freeman and Raquel Ervin. ""When Raquel broke into the home of a wealthy black attorney, he didn't expect to find an almighty alien there, and didn't even expect her to inspire him to step out of the shadows and become a force for change.".

Completion of the first phase of the return of Milestone titles There will be hardwareEnd of August. ""Throughout his life, young prodigy Curtis Metcalf was told that he was special and that he would save the world. But Alva Industries wants its shrewd mind for something far less noble".

Meanwhile, DC is busy with the Future State Event, where one of the most popular heroines met her fate. Red Hood will appear in a new DC Future State series in Gotham.

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