Among the most active manga authors on social media, Hiro Mashima certainly stands out, especially among the fans of some of his most important works, such as Eden's Zero fairy talea series that has cemented his career and which is often the subject of special illustrations and sketches that he himself shares.

The Fairy Tail universe is packed with characters created over the years 11 years publication in the pages of Shonen Magazine Kodansha managed to capture readers' attention and affection. If you think about the sphere of the antagonists, certainly the beautiful, attractive and at the same time dangerous Swing it is among the most popular.

With her strong leadership abilities capable of even destroying an entire nation and reshaping matter at will, it's not hard to see how Brandish became so popular with fans who were surprised to see her back in the world Sequel to Fairy Tail: 100 Years of Quest. Then, to pay homage to her, the mangaka dedicated her the sumptuous and spicy illustration that you can see at the bottom of the message. Let us know what you think by leaving a message below.

Finally, we remember that Mashima dedicated a drawing to Gajeel and Levy and we leave you with an incredible bust of Natsu.

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