In recent years, the Japanese animation industry has been characterized by the introduction of new technologies and increasing popularity. Playing an important role, as in the manga field, is the anime of ONE PIECE which was harshly criticized after rave reviews for the final episodes.

However, the incredible quality exhibited so far in the adaptation of the Wano-set story arc has been the focus of discussion and praise Episode 1018 elicited some mixed reactions from the community, who were impressed with the addition of special auras around the characters. The topic was further switched on after the publication of the post which you can find below Henry Thurlowa member of the animation team behind the series.

The criticism was mainly directed at theAura of Zoromade by Thurlow himself, who publicly admitted that he was only performing his work, that he didn't want to give up that style. "And just because I know you don't like it, I'll make an even bigger aura next time. Blue and red flames together, multiple levels at once. I can not wait" the artist commented in one of his reply posts. What do you think about it? Did you like episode 1018 from a technical and artistic point of view? Tell us in the comments.

Finally we leave you the preview of ONE PIECE episode 1019 and a magnetic cosplay of Boa Hancock.

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