Almost a decade after its debut, The Devil is a part-timer!! returns with a second season. The staff working on this big comeback recently shared some new information about the animated adaptation of the Light novel by Satoshi Wagahara.

With their anticipated debut in July, they've arrived on the anime's official Twitter account Season 2 news. To do this, follow the poster of The Devil is a Part-Timer!! 2 arrived in December 2021.

Singer Marina Horiuchi will present the closing theme of the second season entitled "Mizukagami no Sekai" (The World as Reflected in Water). The song's lyrics were written by the singer of the pop-rock band nano.RIPE, while the arrangement was composed by Jun Sasaki. The opening theme "MIT" was instead entrusted to Minami Kuribayashi, who was already responsible for the opening of the first season.

Then new ones were introduced Information about the staff, in addition to those previously disclosed. At Studio 3Hz, which succeeds White Fox Studios, Manabu Otsuzuki plays the role of Artistic Director and Kohei Ogawa the 3D Effects Director.

In a new visual we find all the protagonists of the work. From Maou to Emi and Chiho, plus a few unreleased face that will debut in the new seasonthe entire cast of protagonists is gathered on the advertising poster.

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