A few decades after graduation, Ken the warrior continues to inspire fans and confirm itself as one of the most popular works of audiences around the world. But what if all the work was just the set of a live action movie? This crazy idea is the basis for a new disrespectful split.

This imaginative spin-off from Hiroshi Kurao was published on the Comic Zenon website on February 26th and imagines the plot of Master Tetsuo Hara's manga as the story of a live-action series. Hokuto no Ken Seikimatsu drama Satsuei-hen or simply Faust of the North Star Apocalypse drama Filming Arc examines what happens behind the cameras of the set.

Kenshiro introduces himself to this very special manga as an actor busy playing in a movie Post apocalyptic. This distances itself clearly from the dark and violent atmospheres of the original series, in which Ken wanders through the desert protecting the weakest and innocent from human cruelty.

Hara's original work was published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1983 to 1988, but continues to this day inspire new generations of readers. However, Kurao had already pulled a spin-off called Fist of the North Star: Elegy of the Ken-Oh, which ended in February 2020.

For the fun fact series, the protagonists of Saint Seya appeared in Ken the Warrior. The anime's writers' distraction created a glaring flaw in Toki's hair in Ken the Warrior.

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