On the magazine's official Twitter account Monthly dragon age from Fujimi Shobo An animated promotional video was released for the manga, written and illustrated by Mitsuru Hattori, Kaijuu Iro no Shima. The video shows the voices of Nao touyama Y. Sumire Uesaka.

Hattori, who is also the author of works like Bokura wa Satsuibiyori, Jingai no Yome to Ichaicha suru: Anthology Comic, Kimi wa Hitori ja Nai jan, to Boku no Naka no Hitori ga Itta Y. Sankarea. He also publishes this manga in the magazine Monthly dragon age from the publisher Kadokawa since September 2018. The first compilation volume will be published in Japan on March 9th.

Production team

  • Shinpei Tomooka ((Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san, Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou, Trinity Seven) was responsible for directing the short film in the studios Seven arches of pictures.
  • Yuuta kiso ((Ben-To, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood) was responsible for the character design.

Synopsis of Kaijuu Iro no Shima

The student Chigawa Kon lives on a small island without a single friend and regrets that, unlike her classmates, she has not yet "fallen in love". He often plays in "The Hole", a cave near the sea where, according to popular stories, a man-eating monster lives. One day when he meets another girl who accidentally drops her smartphone in the sea, they collapse off a cliff, but miraculously survive. It turns out that Furuka is also alone in life.

Source: Official Twitter account



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