The Chapter 287 My Hero Academia scenario focuses not only on the main battle but the rest of the district as well. An opening that could consolidate with issue 288 of My Hero Academiawhat will the heroes go through next week?

Deku faces Shigaraki, but Horikoshi wanted to divert our attention by devoting the final pages of My Hero Academia 287 to the other villains. The Union of Villains has finally arrived near Jaku and we have checked Dabi, Skeptic, Mr. Compress and Himiko Toga on the shoulders of Gigantomachia for the time being.

The Questions from toga and the decision to focus on Uraraka They inevitably make us think of a very brief struggle between the neurotic disciple and our uravity. A clash that, among other things, has already laid a lot of groundwork for the attack on the summer training camp, but both competitors have grown since then.

Inevitably when Toga came to confront UrarakaThe other members of the Rogue Union will also come to Shigaraki's aid. Should the evil leader manage to escape Deku's attacks, we could see a series of confrontations in a saga finale, in which the young Yuei heroes would face off against the army generals. My Hero Academia 288 could lay the foundation for these battlesand on Friday October 16th we will have the first answers.

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