Written and illustrated by in the title of the fourth compilation volume of the manga Kujira, Honnou SwitchIt was confirmed that the work exceeded 300,000 accumulated circulating copies.

Kujira began publishing the manga in the magazine Comic color tone from the publisher Kodansha in June 2018. The publisher released the third compiled volume on July 13, followed by the fourth volume, which was released in Japan on October 13.

Kujira has authored numerous mangas that highlight, but are not limited to Chiyoko chocolate, Girl note, Saku-chan to Nozomi-kun, Sekai no Owari to Majo no Koi, Tenohira no Pan, among other.

Honnou Switch Synopsis

It's the morning after that day when her boyfriend dropped her when she woke up. Was she in the same bed as her childhood friend, Hijiri? Despite the agony and shock of the situation, does Koyori seem to remember Hijiri telling him "I love you" the night before? Perhaps?

Then how do you go from "childhood friends" to "lovers"? A hugely popular series that tells of an innocent first love between adults who are trying to stop being childhood friends. Can you break the stigma?

© KUJIRA (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社


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