Since his first appearance in volume 83 of the Journey into Mystery series published in August 1962, the character of Thor has always been closely associated with the legendary hammer Mjolnir, which remains one of the most powerful objects in the entire Marvel multiverse.

Over the years and the myriad of stories dedicated to Odin's son, even those that deviate from the canon found in comics, Many characters were able to raise and use the weapon questionable, and recently, in volume 8 of the title dedicated to Thor, it was a friend of the god of Asgard to do so.

However, in the final installment of the series, something seems to have changed in the relationship between Thor and the Hammer. Divinity knows that it takes expert judgment to figure out what to do send Mjolnir to Broxton, Oklahoma, where Asgard was once located, with an engraving asking witnesses to the impact to call Tony Stark. Then the writing on the hammer changes and passers-by are asked to take it, and surprisingly, Adam Aziz, a mechanic in the area, succeeds.

As soon as Adam turns into a kind of Asgard warriorIron Man comes and makes the weapon his own. When Thor is also there, Tony begins threatening Divinity, saying that he wants an explanation that anyone can raise their dear Mjolnir and that he will take him to take tests if he doesn't have it.

Without giving Thor time to answer Tony hits his partner's face with the hammer, Scene that you can find in the table below, which causes a collision that ends with the creation of a storm through the Asgarden. The resumption of Mjolnir Thor explains that Anyone can raise their guns, but no one can use their powers as well as he can.

We remember Donald Blake's alter ego will make his return to the series, and we leave you to a great illustration of Thor made by the designer at Kratos.

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