When an anime adaptation of another work is announced, fans often expect high, if not absolute, fidelity. Especially when it comes to famous works, as in the case of The promised Neverland. Writers Shirai and Posuka have now completed their adventure on Weekly Shonen Jump, but the anime is only just beginning.

After several postponements, The Promised Neverland 2 anime started at a fast pace leaving readers of the manga because of the Execution speed and some cut parts. Yesterday, January 22nd, 2021, The Promised Neverland 2x03 arrived on VVVVID, marking another change from the original Kaiu Shirai story.

Readers of the manga immediately notice how the production has completely cut some scenes and removed various references, but most importantly, how the second part of the episode is completely original. Cloverworks indeed has added scenes that weren't in the manga and reduced the presence of some characters which were fundamental to the narrative arc that would begin shortly thereafter.

In short, it seems that the animation studio decided to take a different route, with a largely unedited and original story. It will only take a few months to find out how much The Promised Neverland 2 will be from the comic that was published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for the past few years.

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