The Goten and Trunks prequel mini-saga ended with Dragon Ball Super 90 and the manga Toyotaro was able to initiate the narrative arc of the superheroesthis is the adaptation of the events that happened in the last anime movie of the franchise.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 begins with Piccolo in the role of the perfect uncle who is always willing to take care of little Pan even when his parents Gohan and Videl are unable to work. Pan may only be three years old, but she already dreams of being able and able to train with Piccolo become a superhero like their uncles Goten and Trunks.

Now with the police Krillin is assigned to help Dr. to examine Hedo’s movements, holding in his hands the documents of Doctor Gelo, the creator of the terrible androids that threatened planet Earth years ago. Even the Red Ribbon, reborn under the command of Magenta and his client Carmine, takes an interest in the character of Hedo.

Released from jail, Hedo lets the Red Ribbon boss come at him, which he kept tabs on through his latest invention, the Hachimaru drone. Krillin tries to chase down the car the suspects are riding in, but is eventually defeated by the Wasp before he can stop the deal. Hedo, who turns to Capsule Corp. wants revenge, and Goten and Trunks will build next-gen androids for the Red Ribbon.

When Piccolo is asked to take care of Pan for the umpteenth time, he Namek meets Gohan to admonish him. Instead of just focusing on work, he should focus on his family and training. However, Gohan is sure that Earth is being defended by Goku and Vegeta. Finally, the chapter closes Piccolo being attacked by a mysterious superhero who appears to belong to the Red Band. Here are the first images of this clash in the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 92.

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