As promised by Eiichiro Oda, the The final saga of ONE PIECE doesn't only focus on the Mugiwara. The final chapters of the work actually split into different directions. As we witness the complete debacle of Kidd's crew in ONE PIECE 1079, the focus shifts to the Navy at the next appointment with the manga.

After the events of Amazon Lily, Koby is imprisoned in Hachinosu, the pirate island is now in the hands of Blackbeard's crew. Handcuffed in front of the Yonko, the Navy Captain learns of his fate. Used as a hostage to convince the world government to recognize the island of Blackbeard as a real pirate nation.

However, Koby shows how much he has grown since first meeting Luffy. Koby shatters Blackbeard's dreams, claiming he's long since ceased to be a Marine. In fact, he is part of the SWORD, the sailors who have officially tendered their resignation but who can fight Yonko if they wish without requiring permission from high places. There SWORD is the wildcard of the world government to fight piracy.

Despite this discovery, Blackbeard has no intention of giving up on Koby, who sooner or later will understand how to make the best of it. But the young marine does not remain idle and organizes it thanks to the help of Perona great escape from Hachinosu. As a hero of the new generation, Koby won't let down and enlists the help of fellow SWORDs and his master in ONE PIECE 1080 garp.

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