The new anime series for wearable monsters, Pokémon exploration , immediately showed itself differently than in previous seasons, added elements that had never been seen before, also sacrificed the ubiquity of Ash and Pikachu in some episodes and gave the character of Gou a much greater meaning.

Driven by the dream of catch any existing Pokémon species, especially the mysterious Mew, Gou immediately managed to win over fans of the brand, and by covering the role of co-star alongside Ash, we had the opportunity to see several clashes between the two and the birth of their friendship.

From what emerged from the spoilers in the next few episodes, they are going to hit a lot of Pikachu soon, and from some leaked pictures, it seems that Gou will manage to have the electric Pokémon on his team. The frames in question, which are at the bottom of the page, were shared by @ilapaperx on Twitter and show a female Pikachu next to the young trainer, who differs from the male by the heart shape of the tail.

Inserting another Pikachu Important in the series and the possible development of Ash's Pikachu to Raichu could also lead to further changes in the current season and possibly mark the transition of the baton of the historical protagonist to Gou.

Recall that Ash suffered a crushing defeat in episode 34, and we're leaving you information on the next few episodes of Pokémon Explorations.

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