Meanwhile, Saitama has come a long way. The caped bald man is endowed with non-superhuman powers, but much more, having so far taken down giants, monsters, aliens and much more. The hero of One punch man He has distinguished himself so much since joining the Heroes Guild, but now there are new obstacles he faces.

Recently the saga of the gigantic monster union came to an end, in which mystical beings like God and the hero Blast also appeared. One-Punch Man 173 continues the new story arc it will result in Saitama interacting much more with the other heroes, given his rise through the ranks and the fact that he no longer has a home to stay. But someone is after him.

Due to the destruction of Hero Citadel's defense robots developed by Metal Knight, Only the hero of the S-Class kept an eye on him. dr From his monitor room, Bofoi carefully watched the battle logs and delved into Saitama's past, watching his growth in the ranks of heroes and also reviewing the aptitude test that had been taken some time before when the bald man decided to propose to him make to the club.

Saitama has made another enemy among the heroes of One-Punch Man?

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