On the official page for the anime adaptation of the light novel series by Michi Ichiho and illustrated by Lala Takemiya, Yes ka no ka Hanbun kaa new promotional video for the project was revealed.

The video shows the main theme of Atsushi Abe and Yoshihisa Kawaharaand titled "Sekai to Kakurenbo", and it also confirms that it will premiere this December. The site also posted a new promotional image.

Ichiho started publishing light novels with illustrations by Lala Takemiya through the publisher in November 2014 Shinshokan. The publisher released the third volume in 2016. Subsequently, a spin-off series entitled "OFF AIR" was published in August 2017, and the second volume was published in October 2019.


  • Atsushi Abe as Kei Kunieda.
  • Yoshihisa Kawahara as Ushio Tsuzuki.

Synopsis of Yes ka no ka Hanbun ka

Kunieda Kei is a popular young television presenter whose public and private personalities are completely different. Outwardly, he is the representation of perfection, sometimes referred to as "Prince". Inside, he keeps cursing everyone for being incompetent.

Of course nobody knows about it. One day, due to a work assignment, Kei meets stop-motion animator Tsuzuki Ushio and unfortunately runs into him when he is in his "second personality". Fortunately, Tsuzuki doesn't recognize him because he's too tired and wearing a mask. In compensation for the injury to his arm, however, Kei will be forced to help him with his work ...

Source: Comic Natalie

ยฉ ่‘— ็ฉ‚ ใƒŸ ่‘— (่‘—), ็ซน ็พŽ ๅฎถ ใ‚‰ (ใ‚ค ใƒฉ ใ‚น ใƒˆ) / ๆ–ฐ ๆ›ธ้คจ


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