The heroes continue to unite against the overwhelming might of the Paranormal Liberation Front. The advance of Gigantomachia and the destructive power of Shigaraki seem ominous, but in the latest installment of My Hero Academy Two young Yuei students proved their worth by protecting a great pro-hero.

The professor Aizawa He immediately proved to be a determined teacher, driven by a great passion and at the same time interested in the development and education of his students. Throughout the war, as the Eraserhead, he was instrumental in limiting Shigaraki's power by nullifying his Quirk. Tested to the core by the clashes and death of a colleague and friend, Shield, Aizawa tries once again to face the villain just to be rescued by Midoriya and Bakugo who want to repay him for all the times he protected her in the past.

User @uraharyb wanted to share the sequence on social media showing the use Aizawa continues to act to save his students and the entry of Deku and Kacchan followed by Endeavor. A combo that knocks Shigaraki back and saves Aizawa, prouder than ever of these young heroes. Here's the trailer for My Hero Academia Episode 6x08, out November 19, 2022 on Crunchyroll.

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