The franchise of Boruto consists of so many arcs that even the most die-hard fans may have lost count. A new one is on the way: After the events with Kawaki and Himawari, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation we continue with a new adventure.

While there's no shortage of Boruto references for the manga adaptation, the fillers have been running for about a year. The arc of Kawaki and Himawari was heavily criticized for having a plot that was too childish and trivial, according to some critics. But the Kirigakure Great Naval Battle Saga was very successful, showed touching moments and countless twists.

The screenwriter of the anime by Boruto, Honda Masaya, talked about new arch and apparently Boruto will be severely cornered in the six new episodes. Masaya admitted to covering more than half of the six episodes, and indeed, his official tweet on November 15 reads as follows: "Boruto starts a new arc called The Maze Game in Episode 276. I am responsible for the scripts for four of the six episodes. I filled in all the ideas I could find, it's going to be a wild ride."

Masaya needs to channel all his enthusiasm for itBow from The Maze Game, otherwise the animated series could take a new turn. There are now people on the web who compare the new saga to the drama Squid Game. Are you looking forward to the upcoming news? To know more we leave you with Boruto 276-278 progress.

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