dragon ball is always up to date: Since the 80s, Toriyama's franchise, which hardly needs an introduction today, has actually become very popular.

The last feature film we pulled the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero review from has the merit of having it brings together several generations of enthusiasts under the same roofs as the cinemas. With a new and colorful cel-shaded aesthetic, many faces meet again: some more familiar and some less familiar, some new, some not so new and some very old.

It's been a long time since some fans missed it one of Z's most feared antagonists: Cell In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the android has been awakened in its MAX phase. The new Red Ribbon has biologically created the strongest cell of all time. However, in the film it is only shown in the second instar form when it absorbed C-17.

Instead in MERIMO fan art, which can be seen from the tweet embedded at the bottom of the news, Cell MAX is presented in its perfect form. The armor colors are the same as the character in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. A phosphorescent turquoise glows in the midst of red and green: It's here Kamehameha!

Do you like this new illustration by cell? We remind you that the designer is also the artistic director of the fan-made anime Dragon Ball Deliverance.

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