The Survivor Granolah saga enters the heart of the new story arc of Dragon Ball Super. Toyotaro and Toriyama develop the characterization of the Cerelean, whose figure appears extremely interesting due to the hatred of the Saiyajins and Freeza.

Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super resumed not only the education of Vegeta as he tries to steal his secrets of the God of Destruction, but also those of Beerus Granolahwith the intention of taking revenge on the emperor of evil. The latter deceives the last of the Namekians living on the grain planet and decides to summon the dragon from the two spheres by invoking the magic formula. "Takkarapto Tottoronbo Pupiritto Paro".

A fan noted that the formula is identical to the one Dende used to conjure up Porunga during the Freeza saga, the same one that only differs in one term. In contrast to "Poppolunga", Pronunciation from which it comes PorungaInstead, it seems to be named for the charming and magnificent Grain Dragon Toronbo. A seemingly insignificant, but still interesting detail to better learn the identity of the new dragon from the two spheres, whose powers are still a mystery.

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