Baddack seems to have paved the way for the new generations to be born by Goku and Vegeta, thanks to his actions. With the intervention of Monaito and Oatmeel it was possible to take a journey into the past of Dragon Ball Super with the two Saiyan protagonists witnessing the fight between Bardock and Gas to understand more.

Dragon Ball Super 84 then opened by returning to Monaito's homeland, in the present, with Goku and Vegeta, who seem to have understood something. Already on the first pages it seems to become clear what Saiyan pride the two have lost sight of over the years and decide to put it into practice immediately. However, there is also room for a small comic curtain on these first few pages of Dragon Ball Super 84 shows a certain aspect of Vegeta's character.

The Saiyan Prince teases Goku and his brother Raditz as he calls them spoiled because they were rescued and spoiled by his father who wished Toronbo something. in response, Goku basically calls him a hypocrite saying it's the same thing he does to Bra given how much he spoils his daughter. Vegeta says in response that it's not the same. A curtain of light, which then immediately leaves room for combat, which continues in the next chapter.

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