The heroes of My Hero Academy They have used all their resources and strategies to contain Tomura Shigaraki and all other villains. The war in manga has started and everyone is busy on every battlefield. Properly prepared, Shoto Todoroki's first fight looks victorious.

Endeavor's son defeated his brother Daby after a great combination of his Ice and Fire powers, eventually managing to master both sides of his Quirk. Daby seems knocked out for now and that has made all My Hero Academia heroes happy on every battlefield. But the war is far from over and there are many other enemies to defeat.

My Hero Academia 354 could pass the ball to the villains who now have to recover from a defeat. Since the last page is dedicated to All for One, it looks like he will be the next protagonist. The super villain has to do with Endeavor and Hawks and more, but it will be hard to compete with him possessed of unparalleled evil and powers. However, Kohei Horikoshi may prefer to devote only part of it to him and then move on to the other battlefields. A new overview then, which then leads to understanding what the next fight in the spotlight will be.

MangaPlus will publish My Hero Academia 354 for free and legally on Sunday 29th May 2022 at 17:00.

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