The first spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 76 came out a few hours ago, and now we finally know thanks to the first translations What will happen in the new episode that will be released on September 20th?. From Goku's intervention to Vegeta's plea, let's figure out how the fight against survivor Granolah will continue.

After the first spoilers, the manga continues with Vegeta on the ground, except by a miracle from the devastating hits of the Cerelean. In chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super, there was the Saiyan prince did it thanks to the Ultra Ego, but the setback of the Transformation coupled with Granolah's new power awakening has made things far more complex than expected.

Vegeta tries to react to the enemy's shots, but thanks to his sniper talent and the power of his red eyes Granolah manages to fire fast and deadly energy balls again and againwho continue to hurt the Saiyan. After receiving another spate of blows, Vegeta lands on the ground and his opponent provokes him by making fun of his transformation and saying that "fate has decided that the Saiyans must be eliminated".

Always on the ground, Vegeta manages to hold onto an opponent's leg. tells him that "he himself decides his fate" And let him know he won't give up As Granolah prepares for the final blow, Goku intervenes in Super Saiyan Blue form delivers a powerful force straight into the opponent's face, throw away.

At this point the phrase: after getting up from the floor, Vegeta asks Goku to let him fight alone, even goes so far as to say "please". A first time for the Saiyan prince, who makes it clear how important it is for him to win this fight without help. Goku, surprised, accepts and stays on the sidelines, but before Vegeta leaves he begs him not to die.

Following the events of Chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super, many fans have accused Toriyama of unfairly treating Vegeta, who has never been able to defeat a major villain since Dragon Ball Z began. This time, however, the situation may be differentalthough before we say the last word we have to wait for chapter 76.

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