With the arrival of the new saga of My hero academy, Kohei Horikoshi took the opportunity to further develop the characterization of his protagonist Midoriya, tormented by the weight of One For All and the only real obstacle of Tomura Shigaraki. To make this clearer, the Sensei changed its character design.

After the previous break and the villain's flight from Tartarus, the author presented a time jump of a few months to show the collapsing society and all the difficulties of the heroic front. Among them, Deku decided to leave the UA by leaving his classmates a letter eventually revealing it his true identity and the origins of his quirk. And they will bear the burden of helping their friend in this difficult situation.

At the moment there aren't many scale models on the web that support the new character design from Dekuwhy the artist Wilson Jardim he wanted to try to solve the problem by creating a personal one thanks to 3D modeling. The result in question, which you can access at the end of the news, was highly praised by the community, who were positively impressed by the attention to detail and are now looking forward to a small studio that takes care of the implementation. Trade.

Instead, what do you think of this 3D figure, do you like it? Let us know with a comment below.

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