One of the most iconic sagas of Dragon Ball Z is that of Freezer, in which a Saiyan succeeds for the first time to overcome his limits and develop a new form, the Super Saiyan. We're obviously talking about Goku, the protagonist of the work, but how would it have ended if Vegeta had suffered the same fate?

The role of Freeza is a mystery and remains a key element in the future of the narrative years after its first introduction, even in the sequel entitled Dragonball Super. The Emperor of Evil's plans at the time were interrupted by Goku, who managed to defeat him thanks to the Super Saiyan, an iconic transformation that shaped all subsequent battles in the series.

But what if it had been Vegeta instead of Goku? An artist, a certain one Seven characters art, he asked himself that question, trying to find an answer in an original illustration, the same one you admire on the news below, depicting the Saiyan Prince with the tattered suit and colors of the gorgeous first floor of The Metamorphosis. The result in question caused quite a stir in the community thanks to the interesting food for thought generated by the thread.

Instead, what do you think of this fan art? Let us know with a comment below.

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