JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Trish is hotter than ever in this cosplay

One of the main characters, as well as the most popular of the fifth season of animation JoJo's bizarre adventure It's Trish Una. Let's look at this spectacular and very spicy cosplay of the daughter of the antagonist of Vento Aureo.

Trish Una is the daughter of Diavolo, the boss of Passione, and before she discovered her father's true identity, she led a completely normal life. After the revelation about her father's nature, the girl is forced to go into hiding, constantly sought after by the clan's henchmen trying to catch her Discover the secret of your boss. Unfortunately, when Trish finally manages to reunite with her father, she discovers that he intends to kill her so that no one can discover her identity. From that moment on, the girl began her adventure alongside Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati; A journey that will lead her to discover that she is a stand bearer, the Spice Girl.

Russian cosplayer Haori Senpai is waiting for the month of April 2021 when news of JoJo's bizarre adventure: Stone Ocean, the sixth animated series, will be announced a spectacular interpretation. Cosplay is one of the hottest devoted to the Devil's Daughter and one of the most successful. What do you think of this JoJo cosplay? In the meantime, let's find out who the friend of the protagonist of JoJo's bizarre adventure is: Diamond is unbreakable.

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