The anime Attack of the Giants has been back for a month. The fourth and final season of MAP study has already presented five episodes in which we saw a different scenario than in the first three seasons.

We haven't checked all the main actors yet, but this certainly hasn't stopped cosplayers from showing off their favorites on Instagram and the network's various social networks. In fact, there have been a lot of cosplay from The Attack of the Giants in the last few days, and today we present one, made by the beautiful HaneAme, oriental cosplayer already known for bringing cosplay like that of Matsumoto Rangiku.

HaneAme has decided to take on the female lead in The Attack of the Giants or Mikasa Ackerman. Unlike the other characters in the anime, Mikasa has oriental traits due to the origin of her clan and because of this, the cosplayer is perfect to play the role. We can see that below Mikasa cosplay which, of course, immediately went viral given the beauty and popularity of the model. We resume the looks of the first three seasons and see the girl in the canonical uniform of the Scout Army along with the red scarf that Eren gave when she was rescued.

HaneAme wasn't the only one introducing the character The attack of the giantsAs shown in the Mikasa cosplay created by Shirogane-sama.

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