Especially in the second part of the epic of Naruto We learned about Sasuke's new techniques, some of which are carried out through his magnificent and powerful sword. Like other things that belong to the imagination of the work, its blade also has its origin in mythology. So let's rediscover its history.

First, a clarification needs to be made. Sasuke's weapon is actually a chokutoThis is a straight sword and the forerunner of the legendary katana, which was widely used by ninja in ancient Japan.

In the story, among the users who used this type of sword, there are Orochimaru and Sasuke, even if that of the Uchiha is nothing more than a replica of the legendary ninja. The name of the weapon is Kusanagi, a legendary sword with the ability to channel the chakra. In the legend to which the blade belongs, it belonged to the mythological serpent Yamata no Orochi, a character Orochimaru himself is inspired to create, but according to some sources, he was nothing more than Love no murakumo, the so-called "sword of paradise".

Within the work, Orochimaru's sword appeared as part of a forbidden technique from the mouth of a snake and, unlike the replica entrusted by the legendary ninja Sasuke, its capabilities are diverse. First, the kusanagi of the founder of the Village of Sound can not only be strengthened by the chakra, but also be controlled remotely, and the blade can stretch significantly. Sasukes, on the other hand, can improve his offensive skills collect the lightning chakra also causes high frequency vibrations that can cut anything. In fact, it has been proven multiple times that Uchiha's Chokuto barely cuts its target.

However, Sasuke's Kusanagi will escape its owner twice: the first time with Itachi, during the collision with Kabuto, while it will fall into the hands of the second time Madara who will use it to pierce the same rightful owner. In the fight against the latter, his sword was abandoned and in Boruto: Naruto the next generations, replaced after the fourth great ninja war.

In fact, there is another variant of Kusanagi, the Totsuka sword challenged by Itachis Susanoo against Orochimaru's Eight Serpents technique. An anecdote also says that this scene is borrowed from mythology, as it was the god of the same name Susanoo with this blade who killed Yamata no Orochi.

And you, what do you think of Kusanagi instead? Let us know with a comment below, but not before you check out the story that inspired Naruto's legendary ninjas.

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