New cosplay on Genshin Impact, this time in the center of Amber

Well the mania of Genshin Impact has consolidated. The new free video game from the Chinese studio miHoYo has won over many gamers, although it is still in full development. In fact, a few hours ago version 1.1 of Genshin Impact was released with new characters.

By now we've learned to control the warriors in the video game You get so many cosplaysand bring them into real life. Last month we introduced you to three Cosplay on the theme of Genshin Impact::

  • The cosplay of the beautiful Lisa;
  • Aspiring Knight Noelle;
  • The combative Jean by HendoArt.

Today we bring you a fourth one that focuses Amber. He is one of the first characters the player received during the Winds of the Past quest in Prologue Act 1: The Outlander That Catched the Wind.

Below we see them Amber cosplay of the Korean Siru_0207. We see her, of course, in the girl's typical clothes: a bodice made of white and leather with a red jacket over it, very short brown shorts, stockings, gloves, aviator glasses and a red bow on her head that surrounds her long brown hair. Thanks to the many photos, we can admire your costume from different angles.

Do you prefer the amber present in the Genshin Impact video game or that from the good Siru?

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