There Situation in Onigashima it gets harder and harder. In the further course of the war, individual battles lead to a reversal to the detriment of one or the other faction. At the moment the protagonists of ONE PIECE are at a disadvantage, but Yamato's clash could change the cards on the table.

The first spoilers of ONE PIECE 1016 confirm the arrival of this battle, but there is much more that Eiichiro Oda tells from the first pages. On the cover, Zoro plays the ninja with a cat, while the title "I am Otama !!"

The chapter begins in the flower capital, where we see Tengu Hitetsu walking with Toko at the fire festival. Hitetsu explains how the festival is held for the dead, and Toko asks if his father is also watching the party. Hitetsu replies yes, with Yasuie watching everyone, but also Wano's future. Then we go on to CP0, which continues to analyze ONE PIECE's fight, Update the numbers after the betrayal of the joys and the waiters. According to the surprised group, the situation is becoming more difficult to predict, and with the information that Momonosuke has fallen from the island, it could be turned upside down again.

Bao Huang is preparing the announcement in Onigashima. Then it goes on to Nami, Usopp and Tama, whereby Nami is distracted by the climate cycle in which Zeus now lives, and Big Mom's cloud becomes an integral part of the weapon. The group reaches the central stage balcony and watches as Bao Huang prepares for the new announcement. Suddenly, Usopp is hit by Ulti, who is pursuing her. Ulti grabs Tama in his hands, but Nami attacks them by hitting them on the head thanks to the new shape of the Clima clock. Stopping the dinosaur is not enough, but Usop's Sargasso attack surprises her opponent, who drops Tama. Now Nami a. to produce stronger attack on KO Ulti.

Shocked, Bao Huang yells that Page One and Ulti have been defeated and forgets that she is making the public announcement. Understanding the enemy's abilities, Usopp uses the Midori Boshi devil to capture them, thus exploiting them to get Tama to make the announcement. The little girl starts talking and says "I ... I am Tama!".

The 15 pages of ONE PIECE 1016 end with the last part about Yamato and Kaido. The emperor transforms into a dragon and returns to the dome his daughter is in, then uses the hybrid form. The emperor makes fun of his daughter for not being able to protect Luffy and Momonosuke, but she replies that he will travel with Luffy, but not before he drives off Wano's father. The two begin to argue as Haki's black lightning bolts thunder over the summit of Onigashima. ONE PIECE is taking a break next week.

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